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Welcome thread

Welcome to the Mojaloop Community!

  1. Introduce yourself!
  • Let us know what country you're based in

  • Tell us what you do or who you work for

  • Check out the other comments and leave a reply to someone else. πŸ‘‹

  1. Tell us what brought you here...
  • Are you a regular contributor to Mojaloop? Tell us what you've done so far.πŸ˜ƒ Better yet, show us πŸͺ„

  • Are you interested in using Mojaloop? Tell us what you'd like to use it for

  • Would you like to share some feature ideas for Mojaloop? Tell us ! Also, watch the #product tag

  • Would you like to contribute to the development of Mojaloop? πŸ›  Tell us what you're interested in doing!

  • Anything else? πŸ™‚

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Paul Makin

Hi everyone, great to be here. I'm Paul Makin, Product Manager for the Mojaloop Foundation, and I'm here to listen to members of the Community, to learn from their experiences, and to understand what we can do better.

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Joseph Mutimura

Hi Paul,
This is Joseph from Maputo, Mozambique. I just wanted to ask you or share a food of thought here, so that i may understand more.
Recently, european commission released the much-anticipated draft proposal for PSD3, the next iteration of the Payment Services Directive (PSD2).
This draft text contains important proposals for the future Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regime in payments and Internet banking in Europe, and entire world as well as for the fight against payment fraud.
Based on this new next iteration of PSD, i have a question here;
Does Mojaloop solution which is designed for Financial inclusion and rapid digital transformation have the legislative structure for the below components?

  1. PSD3, PSR and RTS?
  2. New provisions to tackle Payment Fraud?
  3. What banks and PSPs should do to prepare for PSD3

Thank you!

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Paul Makin

Thank you Joseph for an interesting post and set of questions. Although we are aware of the proposed PSD3, the new PSR (which follows a pattern we've seen elsewhere), and the FIDA proposal, we have not yet begun to integrate them into our roadmap. As I understand it, PSD3 is the first to come into force, and that by the end of 2024. It is likely to be some time later that similar measures are adopted by our active markets.

We were pleased to note that one of the issues being addressed is the competitive disadvantage that non-bank PSPs currently face. With regard to the enhanced SCA requirements, prima facie these apply to DFSPs, not to the switch, but we will keep this under review, and the sharing of fraud related data is an area we are keen to address. The proposed "permissions dashboards" are a potential issue for us, which we will consider.

We don't currently think that the FIDA proposals will affect Mojaloop, but we will keep this under review.

Jospeh, is this something of particular interest to you? Would you be interested in being involved in a Mojaloop-focussed review of these proposals?

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Simeon Oriko

Hello everyone!

Simeon Oriko here based in Kenya.
I work for the Mojaloop Foundation as the Director of Community.

I'm here to help you, members of our community, contribute and develop the Mojaloop Open Source software in pursuit of our financial inclusion goals.

frms_justus profile image
Justus Ortlepp

Hello there!

Justus Ortlepp from the FRMS CoE, based in Johannesburg. I've been working alongside the Mojaloop community since late 2019 to design and build an Open Source Software real-time transaction monitoring solution for Mojaloop implementations.

Ask me anything about fraud, money-laundering, Actio (our product) of the FRMS CoE (our organization).


pedro profile image
Pedro • Edited

Hi Everyone!

I'm Pedro, based in sunny Lisbon, Portugal.
Work for Crosslake Technologies.

Geek at heart, have been doing software development, architecture and senior IT leadership positions teams for 28+ years.
Have specialized in large scale distributed systems for the past 12+ years.
Opensource user and advocate since the 90'ties.
Linux user.

Been around Mojaloop since 2018, helping mostly with architecture and performance.

Member of #da, previous lead of #refarch and #perfpoc.

Currently leading Mojaloop vNext Build Workstream #vnext, reach-out if you have any questions about it or want to participate!

mdebarros profile image
Miguel de Barros • Edited


Miguel de Barros here, currently based in Johannesburg, ZA.

I work for INFITX as a Principal Architect, working on the Mojaloop Open Source Development project.

I am part of the team designing & engineering core Mojaloop services, a member of the Mojaloop Design Authority, the Mojaloop API Change Control Board, and most importantly a Mojaloop Community Contributor.

Feel free to ask me any technical questions that you may have about Mojaloop! :D/

chrislawrence profile image
Chris Lawrence • Edited

Hello Mojaloop Community! I am excited that you have started this community portal. At the Interledger Foundation we have used Forem for our community and grantees for the last 3 years, and its an essential tool for our work. I would invite all of you to join us there as well as there are lots of community overlap. Our communities are already working together and I would love to see that increase even more as we work to expand global financial inclusion. If anyone has questions about Forem, or best practices with the tool, happy to answer them.

janes profile image
Jane Stroucken for INFITX


Jane here - I live in Johannesburg South Africa and work at
I am a Program Manager and active Community Council member and Pillar 1 - Journey Roadmap work stream lead. I am very interested in chatting to you about your experiences as a community member and what you feel would be important for the CoCo to assist with. And, if you're keen to offer support in any form to the work stream we would love to here from you

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Good day, I am a Bangladesh (GMT+6) based software developer with over 14 years of experience. Currently, I am working as a Full-Time Freelancer. Previously I worked for the Bank, Microfinance. I have developed a system (Universal Collection System) from scratch for the Bank where new customers can be on board and can receive their collection and can acknowledge to customer ERP if needed. Now I have quite an interest in Mojaloop as it connects DFSP (Bank, Fintech, MNOs, MFIs, etc) into a single loop, which can accomplish many many things and can improve mass people's standard of living. Thanks !

simeonoriko profile image
Simeon Oriko

Welcome @mamunbdctg

innokawooya profile image
Innocent Kawooya

I am very excited to be here!

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Devarsh Shah

Hello Everyone,
I guess I am a little late to get involved. However,
I am Devarsh Shah from India. I am about to graduate in the major of Computer Science Degree. Talking about my Interest, I have huge interest in DevOps, like to containerize the app, orchestrate the containers using Kubernetes, also provisioning Infrastructure using IaC tools, creating CI/CD Pipelines and these kind of automating tasks excites me the most. That's all about me for now.

How did I got to know about Mojaloop?

I got to know about Mojaloop is by the Dedicated Mentorship programme by and after a little bit of research I would love to get involved in this: "mojaloop/project"

Looking forward to contributing to Mojaloop.

PS: I have also done a little bit of research on What Mojaloop is, what are the responsibility are on the shoulder of Mojaloop and I got to know about, Learn Mojaloop Moodle Website, where I registered myself in MOJA 103 module and studied it and I have seen the best presentation and explanation of the each concepts with good user experience.

davotrade profile image
David Ramirez • Edited

Hello Everyone

I am David, from Ecuador . I am a developer mainly focused on web3 technology. I enjoy all topics regarding to payment technology and innovative banking .

I am actually leading the Tech Team of The People's Clearing House based on MΓ©xico as it uses Mojaloop as transactional switch for p2p payments, and Interledger for Remittances with Rafiki.

Wishing to learn from you guys!

joseph profile image
Joseph Mutimura

Hi Everyone!
I'm Joseph, based in Maputo, Mozambique work for Mozambique Electronic Cargo tracking services, ( MECTS). Rwandan at heart. I have been working in SADC region for over 6yrs now as Technical Solution Expert for MECTS that's provides Solutions for Tax Authority in Mozambique.
I have over 18 years of experience in the design, implementation, and management of business and services in the sectors of telecommunications, information systems, digital banking, and electronic payments.
Am so passionate about the payments tech and financial inclusion and believe that interoperability is a key factor in financial inclusion.

Having said that, I'm here to listen to members of the Community, to learn more from their experiences, and to understand what we can do better together.
Thank you all!

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Paula Hunter

So excited to have this new tool. Thanks Simeon and Megan for all the hard work setting it up.

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Lakhwinder Singh Sarao

Hello Mojaloop Community πŸ–οΈ

I'm Lakhwinder Singh from India

I'm working on a mobile app project that involves integrating Mojaloop #3PPI API. I'm excited to be here and learn more about Mojaloop.

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Erick Wilfred Daniel

Hello everyone,My name is Erick Wilfred,From Tanzania Arusha,