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PI-21 Workstreams (NOT ACTIVE)

Pillar 1: Make Adoption Easier

No. Workstream Lead Description Tag / Posts
1 Mojaloop Journey, phase 1 Jane Stroucken - @janes Building a roadmap styled view of the Journey to deploy a Mojaloop switch #mojaloopjourney
2 Mini Loop Tom Daly - @tdaly61 Upgrade to Mojaloop V15, BOF etc. #miniloop
3 FRMS PoC Greg McCormick & Justus Ortlepp - @frms_justus Fraud Risk Management System #frms
4 Azure Phase 2 Jason Gregory & Tom Daly - @tdaly61 Microsoft to OpenSource Mojaloop packaging work and Tom Daly to work with Microsoft and Sybrin to update the Azure marketplace install to v15+ #azure
5 Fintech Sandbox Sam Kummary - @samk Deploy Mojaloop into a sandbox environment. Develop processes for onboarding fintechs. #sandbox
6 Mojaloop Testing Toolkit (TTK) Paul Baker - @paulbaker Generalise context, ease configuration, open it to other DPGs #testingtoolkit
7 Support for On-Prem David Fry Design and Build Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in order to provide an reproducible and automated manner to provision the infrastructure and application layers of a Mojaloop switch running on Kubernetes that includes security elements supporting MTLS, JWS, and OAuth. #onprem
8 Alternative Multi-Cloud Native Deployment Tool Tom Daly - @tdaly61 Alternative one-click deployment options for other cloud providers #oneclickdeployment
9 CrossBorder SIG Michael Richards - @mjbrichards #crossborder

Pillar 2: Achieve Scale

No. Workstream Lead Description Tag / Posts
1 Rest of Bulk Paul Baker - @paulbaker #bulk
2 Merchant Payments Karim Jindani / Sam Kummary - @samk We are working on identifying requirements related to Merchant Payments in Mojaloop. Our initial focus for the next PI is on Customer initiated payments #merchant
3 3PPI Extensions Sam Kummary - @samk & Michael Richards - @mjbrichards This workstream leverages Mojaloop's third-party functionality and builds on it to support extensions and additional use cases in focus (such as Merchant as needed) #3ppi

Pillar 3: Connect to other Systems

No. Workstream Lead Description Tag / Posts
1 Interledger updates, plus CNP Michael Richards - @mjbrichards & Nyi Aye #interledger
2 International Payments Addressing Sam Kummary - @samk & Arunjay Katakam This workstream aims to work on a design to address payments to users, aliases in payment systems outside of the current scheme (or across a scheme's boundary) #ipa
3 ISO20022 Michael Richards - @mjbrichards & Justus Ortlepp - @frms_justus CNP Development and standardisation work #iso20022
4 Next Generation Settlement Jason Bruwer & Michael Richards - @mjbrichards Integrate with core Mojaloop and Admin API. #settlement
5 G2P Connect/MOSIP Integration Paul Makin - @paul_makin & Sam Kummary - @samk With increased focus on providing Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) for countries using DPGs, ensuring Mojaloop can be easily fitted in as the Payment Switch DPG helps increase its adoption. An integration with another key DPG for identify MOSIP would help in gaining understanding, experience and then expertise in integrating these two DPGs which can help the adopting countries immensely. This workstream focuses on these integrations - starting off with Mifos and MOSIP (with Mojaloop). #g2pconnect
6 Foreign Exchange Support Michael Richards - @mjbrichards PvP, API, TTK Demos. Demonstrator. #fx

Foundation: Quality Product

No. Workstream Lead Description Tag / Posts
1 TigerBeetle Jason Bruwer Integration of TigetBeetle into the Mojaloop stack. TigerBeetle's aim is to improve safety, performance and scalability in the Mojaloop stack. #tigerbeetle
2 vNext Pedro Barreto - @pedro Build the next generation version of Mojaloop, designed to be secure, scalable, efficient to run and extensible. This new version, code-named vNext is being built according to the guiding principles of the Reference Architecture and the leanings of the Performance and Scalability PoC. #vnext
3 Core Team Sam Kummary - @samk & Miguel de Barros - @mdebarros This workstream is about maintaining the Mojaloop core (and supporting) services and the latest stable release of Mojaloop, while facilitating the next release (or release candidate) of Mojaloop and supporting absorption of work by other feature teams who are working on Mojaloop platform features. #core
4 Mojaloop Platform Quality and Security Godfrey Kutumela Continuously improve the Trust (reliability, transparency, privacy, compliance, quality and security) of the Mojaloop Platform. #security
5 Mojaloop Update and Lifecycle Management Tom Daly - @tdaly61 & Brodie James #bizhub