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Steve Haley
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Mojaloop Foundation POC Roster call for applicants

Hi everyone!
The Mojaloop Foundation is calling for applicants to join the POC Roster. All information is in the attached RFQ.

Deadline: 31 January 2024 (its an easy application)

TL;DR - we are creating a roster of individuals that can work on proofs of concept with us. These individuals can be from a company or freelancers. If from a company, they will be working under a time and materials contract from the MLF to the company. Applications and rate cards will be completely confidential.

Please post all questions to this forum unless the question involves personal information of an applicant.

Applications via email require only:

  1. CV (consider highlighting relevant ML experience)
  2. Rate Card (hourly)
  3. Response to role-specific questionnaire (all instructions are in the PDF linked)

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Steve Haley

Due to a number of other open Mojaloop related procurements, we will be extending this until 16 February at 6pm UTC.