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Product Council: Practical Aspects of a Multi-Scheme Deployment

During the current PI, a lot of effort has been expended on multiple workstreams focussed on foreign exchange, as a necessary pre-requisite for a number of cross-border deployments.

This Product Council session, which is scheduled for Tuesday 5th March 2024 at 11:00 UTC, focusses on what is needed to build on this work to create a functional deployment across multiple schemes, such as is envisaged in the COMESA RFP.

Everyone with an interest in multi-scheme, cross-border, multi-jurisdiction, multi-currency deployments is encouraged to attend – but in particular anyone involved in responding to the COMESA RFP.

Michael Richards will be presenting, and Jonathan Pinifolo, representing the COMESA Business Council, will be joining the meeting to say a few words.

Joining instructions are available on the #product-council slack channel.

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