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Product Council: Platform Quality and Security Workstream

Today's Product Council meeting focussed on the new Platform Quality and Security Workstream, led by Sam Kummary. Sam set out the objectives and described the task pipeline, and Rob Reeve provided useful input on the expectations of some of our adopters in this area.

The recording and presentation materials are available here.

It is important to emphasise that, although this workstream is new, the activity itself isn't; it was previously carried out under the auspices of the Core team, and their efforts as well as the substantial contributions from Godfrey Kutkumela and others enabled us to reach the current situation of a secure, reliable Hub, meeting all of the security standards expected of a financial services platform.

This new workstream is expected to carry on all of that work and ensure that future Mojaloop releases meet the evolving standards in this important area.

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