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PI 24 Workstream Summary

At the PI 24 Community Meeting on 25th to 28th March 2024, the workstreams listed in the table below were adopted for the next PI. This is just a summary, the full details are here.

The Mojaloop Roadmap (#roadmap) defines a set of workstreams which together enhance and extend the Mojaloop Hub. Please consult the Roadmap to understand the wider context of the PI 24 workstreams, including how they relate to Mojaloop releases.

Pillar Workstream Lead
Adoption Participation Tools, Support for On-Prem, including for Payment Manager James Bush
Scale Merchant Payments - PISP Karim Jindani
Connectivity Proxies for PAPSS and TCIB Julie Guetta
Connectivity Multi-Scheme Deployments Ei Nghon Phoo and Innocent Kawooya
Connectivity Native ISO 20022 Julie Guetta
Connectivity Foreign Exchange for vNext and vNow Michael Richards
Connectivity PISP V2.0 Implementation Paul Baker
Foundation Localisation Ei Nghon Phoo and Luis Roy Zulu
Foundation vNext James Bush
Foundation Settlement, including Tigerbeetle integration for vNext Jason Bruwer
Foundation Performance Optimisation James Bush
Foundation Platform Quality and Security Sam Kummary
Foundation Core and Releases Sam Kummary

Highlighted workstreams are strategic, and seeking additional resource.

The full details of the PI 24 workstreams are here.

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