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PI-24 Workstreams

The workstreams for PI 24 (29th March to 8th July 2024) have now been finalised. The Mojaloop Roadmap defines a set of workstreams which together enhance and extend the Mojaloop Hub. Please consult the Roadmap to understand the wider context of the PI 24 workstreams, including how they relate to Mojaloop releases.

Mojaloop workstreams are classified according to three pillars:

  • Pillar 1: Make Adoption Easier: create tools to allow developers and adopters to deploy Mojaloop with minimum fuss and complication, in an environment which meets their technical, operational or regulatory needs;
  • Pillar 2: Achieve Scale: develop extensions to Mojaloop that support adopters in their efforts to achieve their objectives, be it profitability or to reach a target number of users;
  • Pillar 3: Connect to Other Systems: recognising that the world isn't made up exclusively of Mojaloop-based payments switches, this pillar seeks to support the development of solutions to interconnect with other payments switches around the world.
These pillars combine to support the goals of the Mojaloop Community.

The Pillars are themselves supported by a foundational Quality Product set of workstreams, which together support the continuing maintenance and enhancement of the Core Mojaloop solution.

We further split the adopted workstreams into two groups: Technical Workstreams, which are primarily development workstreams with a tangible extension to the Mojaloop product across a Program Increment (PI); and Strategic Workstreams, which are intended to address long term, strategic issues, such as a migration to supporting ISO 20022, or monitoring developments in cross-border transactions. It is expected that the outputs of strategic workstreams will include the periodic specification of candidate technical workstreams, for potential adoption in future PIs.

Technical Workstreams Strategic Workstreams