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Mojaloop Roadmap Updated

Mojaloop Roadmap

At the recent Community Meeting in Lusaka, we reviewed the Mojaloop Roadmap, updated to report on PI 22 and to present the path from PI 23 and beyond. You can download a bigger version here.

This Roadmap includes an anticipated schedule for releases of the Mojaloop platform. We are in the process of releasing Mojaloop Acacia, which builds on the earlier release of Mojaloop 15.1 (we agreed to move to names instead of version numbers at a recent Product Council meeting). This will be replaced by Mojaloop Zambezi at the end of PI 23, incorporating the outputs of workstreams including Merchant Payments and Foreign Exchange (international transfers).

We currently anticipate releasing Mojaloop Baobab, based on the vNext development effort and the Reference architecture, at the end of PI 24, the end of June 2024 (though this remains subject to achieving the necessary level of quality and functionality, to be achieved through a transition process which has its own roadmap). In turn, this will be replaced by Mojaloop Meerkat at the end of October 2024, which builds on Baobab by adding the outputs of workstreams that are as yet undefined. Further releases will follow the same process.

At the right hand side there are four boxes, which set out the current list of candidate workstreams which may be adopted in future revisions of this roadmap, all grouped by pillar.

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