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Mojaloop Roadmap Extensions

During last week's Product Council (details here), through a simple voting process we agreed which items on the Product Council's "backlog" were of a sufficiently high priority to be added to the Mojaloop roadmap, at least tentatively. This was a significant event because, for the first time, the go to market (GTM) team had a substantial influence on the outcome of roadmapping, rather than the process being a representation of technical necessity.

This "draft" roadmap can be viewed as a drawio diagram or as a PDF.

I know that this roadmap only partially takes into account the effort that the Community will need to make to take Mojaloop Baobab from Beta to Release Candidate, and so I expect to make adjustments to the Roadmap in the coming weeks/months. But I felt it was important to at least set out the Community's priorities, so that current and potential adopters can see the general direction of future Mojaloop releases.

Please take a look, and share any comments with me.

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Paul Makin

I've made some further updates to the Roadmap, which can be viewed here: