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Community Council minutes 2023-07-24

MEETING ATTENDEES: André Vermaak, Johan Foley, Min Tha Gyaw, Barrie Vener, Ed Cable, Warren Carew, Sridevi Miriyala, Jane Stroucken, Simeon Oriko, Megan Skinner, Sam Kummary, James Bush, Dawn Pereira

Simeon welcomed the group and reviewed the agenda.

Simeon reviewed the minutes for the 12 June meeting. There were no objections, and the minutes were approved as presented.

Simeon presented the Mojaloop Speakers Bureau members and confirmed that the Communications team is actively working to find speaking engagements for these speakers.

Simeon proposed that the Speakers Bureau members host three webinars on three different topics this quarter: open-source, sovereignty, and infrastructure. The 12 speakers would be split into groups of four and each webinar would be one-hour in length with 40 minutes for presentation and 20 minutes for questions. The goal of creating the webinars is to create content that Mojaloop can use to address ongoing questions from adopters and decision makers within the community.

In discussion, a comment was made that the content of the webinars would provide clarity around the benefits of a Mojaloop system in terms of the independence it provides. In addition, the content would help provide clarity around security concerns. The group agreed to move forward with the proposed topics. Simeon confirmed that the webinars will be developed in conjunction with the Go-to-Market (GTM) and Marketing teams to ensure there is alignment in the messaging. A comment was made that the webinars should not be too technical and should focus on addressing adopters and decision makers within the community. Another suggestion was made to determine the proper sequence of the webinars so that it is clear when presenting the content to new adopters.

Simeon proposed organizing the Speakers Bureau members into groups based on the suggested topics and then each group meeting with the GTM and Marketing teams to refine and scope out their messaging. Simeon will then share the results with the Community Council for their input. The group agreed with the proposed approach.

Simeon shared the Workstream Governance document. The goal of the document is to create a focus on workstreams to ensure that everything the community does from a technical perspective happens in an official workstream. Simeon confirmed that the implementation of some of the requirements within the document has already begun and reviewed those items with the group. For context, Simeon presented the PI-22 Workstreams, which are listed on Community Central. The workstreams have been divided into two categories – Technical Workstreams and Strategic Workstreams.

Simeon confirmed that he will highlight the items within the document that are already in progress and asked the group to review the document this week. At the end of this week, Simeon will start to close out some of the comments. Simeon reiterated the goal of the document, which is to provide workstreams with structure and guidelines on how to operate and to make expectations within the workstreams clear.

Simeon confirmed that the current courses within the Mojaloop training program need to be updated. In addition, there are four new courses that need to be built: Hub 204, DFSP 204, Exec 101, and 3PPI/PISP. The intention is to develop these courses now and potentially launch them at the community meeting in March 2024.

Mojaloop has decided to create grants for teams of three to five people from various organizations to help develop each of these courses. Teams would be limited to one course and would be given between $2,000 to $4,000 per course. For existing courses that need updating, Mojaloop would create grants for individuals, who would be given between $1,000 and $2,000 per course.

In providing these grants, Mojaloop is trying to do three things:

  1. Encourage collaboration across the community
  2. Develop new courses
  3. Incentivize the community to contribute and participate

Simeon confirmed that the Foundation will make the final decision regarding the structure of the program but would like to have the Community Council’s input. A comment was made regarding the importance of a clear process. It should be clear to applicants that the Foundation is requesting content development only and that there is a separate editorial process. In addition, it was noted that the amount per course may not be incentivizing so the Foundation may want to consider breaking up the courses into sections.

Action Items

  • Simeon to organize the Speakers Bureau members into groups based on the webinar topics
  • Simeon to highlight the items that are in progress within the Workstream Governance document
  • The Community Council to review the Workstream Governance document by 28 July

6.0 AOB
Simeon confirmed that the Mojaloop Community Annual Survey will be on the agenda for the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:51 am ET.

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