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Contributing to Mojaloop

I am Okello Ivan Elijah, a final year Software Engineering student at Makerere University. I first got to know about Mojaloop from a hackathon organised by HiPipo in Uganda. After that I went on to participate in a bootcamp organised by DFS Lab. During the bootcamp, me and my team used the Mojaloop Testing Toolkit to prototype Alfasente a bulk payments software. We emerged winners and as a result, I had a trip sponsored by DFS Lab to Zanzibar to attend PI 20 OSS Community Meeting. At the meet up I was overwhelmed by the activity and amount of work the Mojaloop foundation had achieved. I had a chat with Sam Kumary and he encouraged me to contribute. I got back home and started interacting with him on Slack. Also I had been in touch with Pedro already, so I also re-engaged him on my interest to contribute to vNext. Fast forward, as I was going over some task assigned to me by Pedro, I faced a bug, raised a PR to fix it and it was merged. It was really exciting for me having this PR merged and I really look forward to contributing more. I think the Mojaloop Foundation has done a great job to support prospective contributors. If you feel like you want to get started, I'd be more than happy to help you start contributing. Cheers

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