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Welcome to Mojaloop #opportunity

Many of you have been asking for ways to engage with business opportunities in the community. We need an open and transparent place to present and discuss opportunities that arise. Welcome to that place!

Sometimes potential adopters come to us and ask "Is Mojaloop right for me?" Sometimes that's an easy answer but sometimes requires deeper design questions and often it requires community expert discussion. Our growing GTM team is focused on central banker requirements - I will point all others to this space.

Sometimes the Foundation or community members need to procure some assistance or hire new team members - this will be true of upcoming POCs in particular.

I intend this #opportunity tag to be used for:

  1. Potential adopters to describe their requirements and community members to engage in open conversation asking for further details.
  2. Mojaloop Foundation will post business opportunities for work directly with us. (i.e. not collaboration opportunities)
  3. RFPs / RFAs that are a good fit for Mojaloop and a place where community members can form consortia.
  4. Community members can post opportunities for subcontracts or hiring

Overall, we love open source collaboration and cooperation but people still need to eat. Consider this a communal dinner table. Take a seat!

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{As I've spoken publicly about before, it is the decision of a potential adopter to speak publicly about their future opportunities with Mojaloop, not ours at the Foundation. Likewise if a community member brings an opportunity to us in confidence, it will stay in confidence until the adopter requests otherwise}

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