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How do I join the API community?

The family of Mojaloop external APIs is divided into a number of separate areas:

  • 3PPI: the API that allows third parties, like fintechs or non-financial wallets, to interact with a Mojaloop scheme.
  • Administration: this is the API that scheme administrators use to set the system up and run it: provide reports, admit new participants, record the deposit or withdrawal of settled funds, execute settlements, and so on.
  • FSPIOP: the main external API that participants use to agree and execute transfers in a Mojaloop scheme. It also includes the Foreign Exchange API.
  • ISO 20022: the equivalent API to FSPIOP, but which defines the ISO 20022 messages to be used for the agreement and execution of messages.

Each of these areas is managed by a Special Interest Group (SIG). Each SIG has a convenor, who is the contact point for the API, organises meetings of the SIG and publishes minutes. The current SIG convenors are:

In addition, there is a Change Control Board (CCB). The Change Control Board gives final approval to proposed changes in the APIs, and is responsible for publishing them. It sets standards which SIGs can refer to in defining their own APIs. It also deals with questions about new API areas: for instance, should they be dealt with as part of an existing API SIG, like Foreign Exchange, or should they have a new API SIG, like ISO 20022? Every convenor of a SIG sits on the CCB, and there are also observers from the Mojaloop community and two elected officials, currently me and Sam Kummary.

So, how can people get involved? Well, if you have an interest in an area which is covered by an existing API, contact the SIG convenor for that API and get yourself invited to the SIG meetings. If you think that our API family needs to be extended to cover new functions or areas, contact me or Sam or any of the SIG convenors, and we'll raise the issue at the SIG or at the CCB. If you just want to find out more, contact me or Sam and we'd be happy to talk. And don't forget: community members are the people who need to set the direction of the Mojaloop project, and that direction is eventually going to express itself in the APIs that participants interact with. We want your expertise!

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