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Simplify Mojaloop Deployment

Hey folks, during the Mojaloop Bootcamp at ccHub on Monday, @simeonoriko issued a challenge to take mini-loop and make it even easier to deploy. I think he offered a nice prize for doing so. This post is to give you a head-start on winning that prize/swag.

So it should be possible to deploy a kubernetes engine such as rancher k3s into Ubuntu 20 or 22 and then deploy Mojaloop the running kubernetes engine from a command similar to how k3s itself is installed .

So take a look at where it shows how to install k3s :

curl -sfL | sh - 
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What can be done is to apply this to approach making use of the mini-loop scripts install scripts in

You can find an open source skeleton of this approach available from the MIT-licensed script from glide at

So get going .... folks !

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