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mini-loop for Mojaloop v15.0 ready for testing

I have mini-loop v5.0rc (release candidate) ready for testing to support and simplify the installation of the recent Mojaloop v15.0.0 release. It is available via the v5.0 branch at You can use :

 git clone --branch v5.0rc
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This mini-loop v5.0 release candidate will deploy the recently released Mojaloop v15.0.0 along with the appropriate TTK version and attempts to make the deployment of Mojaloop even easier and more robust.

Notable changes:-

  • updated to allow use of kubernetes v1.26 or 1.27
  • updated to deploy Mojaloop v15.0.0 including deploying the now standard Mojaloop example backend services chart which deploys MySQL, Mongo, Kafka etc
  • simplified the directory structure and the names of the scripts installing and configuring both kubernetes ( and Mojaloop (
  • added the script to further simplify access to Mojaloop !
  • added the -o option to allowed the deployment and configuration of 3PPI and Bulk Mojaloop charts
  • added a statics section for the deployment, reporting memory usage, deployment times and a few other basic stats.
  • updated the utils/test/ script to run mini-loop in a "loop". This is the start of CI/CD tools that are aimed at reducing cloud costs for Mojaloop operators and developers.
  • added memory and disk space checks to make sure that there is enough memory and disk available for Mojaloop. It is currently set at 8GB Ram, this is a case of trying to "fail fast". The current alternative is confusion as kubernetes tries and fails to fit all pods into insufficient memory.

Some clarifying notes

  • I have been releasing mini-loop by doing a PR and merging to the master branch. So this is not yet a "release" as I want some (further) testing and feedback before I do the merge.

  • There are a number of (almost certainly minor) open issues effecting the running of the helm tests and the TTK for Mojaloop v15.0.0. They are documented in the issues for the Mojaloop v15 github repo and I expect these will resolved in the short term. If you run into the trouble running the helm tests please refer to the (excellent) Mojaloop v15.l0 release notes for instructions on running helm tests individually

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