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Interesting Clone and visit figures for mini-loop repo

Hi folks, it was fun to be invited to help out at the DFS labs Mojaloop sprint last week where as part of their projects a number of new organisations got Mojaloop running for the first time as well as some trying out v15.0.0. A (Mojaloop) community member advised me recently to keep a watch on the stats for mini-loop and so I thought I had better look at the repo traffic as perhaps the hack-a-thon traffic might show up. I believe there is some base level of cloners from "bots" unrelated to anything in our Mojaloop project (typically 6-8 from what I have read) the rest as far as I can tell seem to be genuinely indicative of folks who are installing or at last intending to install Mojaloop. To me this continues to be very gratifying, to see the hard work of the community being used and to see glimpses of the Mojaloop vision being realised.

Number of Clones in the last 2 weeks

num clones

Number of visitors in the last 2 weeks

num vistors

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