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Mojaloop Speakers Bureau

The Mojaloop Foundation Speakers Bureau will help promote awareness, generate interest, and expand our community's reach in the financial inclusion space. Here are some important details you need to know about the application process, approval, and speaking opportunities:

Applications and Approval:

  1. Applications for speakers take place annually.
  2. Applications must be submitted via this form.
  3. A Program Committee will vet each applicant and meet as necessary to review applications.
  4. The Executive Director of the Mojaloop Foundation will approve or decline final lists of applicants.
  5. The term is 18 months, after which speakers must re-apply to continue participating in the Mojaloop Speaker Bureau.
  6. Speaking opportunities may take place outside of the 18-month term if booked before the term expires.
  7. Current speakers will be listed on the Mojaloop website, and the title "Member of the Mojaloop Foundation Speakers Bureau" can be used on LinkedIn profiles.

Speaking Opportunities:

  1. Offers for speaking engagements will be given based on expertise and geographic vicinity.
  2. Speakers will be categorized by topic type and level of expertise.
  3. The Program Committee will select speakers for opportunities and seek approval from the Executive Director.
  4. Speakers can propose opportunities by emailing Selection is not guaranteed, but preference will be given.
  5. Expenses for local travel will be covered by the speaker; regional travel expenses will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  6. The Mojaloop Foundation will provide a PowerPoint template, key messaging guidance, and presentation practice.
  7. Speakers are responsible for providing content for specific technical content.
  8. Slides should only include Mojaloop materials. Speakers may verbally identify their employer and role within the Mojaloop community.
  9. Speakers will be listed on event materials according to their role within the Mojaloop community.
  10. Speaking engagements cannot be used to promote proprietary solutions, products, or services.
  11. The Mojaloop Foundation will review final slides before use.