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Release of Mojaloop V15

Last week, the Mojaloop Community announced the release of Mojaloop Version 15, a significant milestone in the development of the open source instant payment system as it continues to mature, with significant improvements in support of long term maintainability and security.

Some of the highlights of Mojaloop 15 are:

  • The externalization of dependencies on other open source projects (such as MySQL, Kafka, Redis etc), leading to significant improvements in maintainability, since external dependencies are now managed separately in their own environment. The decoupling of external dependencies means that breaking changes have no direct impact on a Mojaloop deployment.

  • The externalisation of “secrets” from the Mojaloop Core, leading to enhanced security. The Mojaloop Helm charts now support the configuration of external secrets, not only enhancing security but also improving maintainability.

There are also a range of enhancements to areas including the Mojaloop Testing Toolkit and improved activity logging, as well as a number of bug fixes. These are all detailed in the release notes.

Mojaloop 15 is a forward looking evolution that lays a secure foundation for the future, and therefore its adoption is strongly encouraged. Parties interested in adoption or more information can reach the Mojaloop Foundation on

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