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DA Meeting minutes 2023-07-12

Minutes of DA Meeting 2023-07-12





  • Report on actions from last meeting
    • SK: Plan for making the Alias oracle public
  • Merchant Payments Workstream Update (Karim Jindani)
  • Further discussion on Issue 96: Clarifying Mojaloop release contents (SK)
  • Closing outstanding issues (All)
  • AOB


  • Actions from previous meeting
    • Alias oracle: proposal is to create a new public repository and move the code over.
    • Give credit to the current contributors in the new repository
    • There is a secret in the existing repository scripts which means it can't be used.
    • No objections, go ahead.
  • Merchant Payments Workstream
    • Merchant registry will be a service exposed as a hub component
    • Base document is here
    • Merchant acquirer system will be a service separate from the hub. Can be built by DFSPs or can use a Mojaloop standard one
    • Can we get reference to documents describing the interaction between the ALS and oracles?
    • SK to provide: these are here and here
    • Step 15 references the Merchant Acquirer system
    • PB: how is this actually implemented? Answer: this is for discussion later.
    • KJ: what tools should be used? Propose TypeScript. MongoDb was suggest but doesn't seem very obvious... Could they use MySQL? Design uses ERD and this is not an OLTP system, so RDB seems like a good solution.
    • JB: SQL probably makes sense in this area. Mongo indexing is not very good... MySql Version 8 is preferred target.
    • Summary: Merchant acquirer system removes the need for the oracle to hold and return information about the merchant. This is now devolved to the DFSP who acquires the merchant.
    • DA approves this approach and looks forward to reviewing the merchant acquirer service architecture when the team is ready to present.
  • Issue 96: SK
    • This is an initial draft for discussion
    • How do we support existing implementers?
    • How should people make changes to code?
    • What about rules?
    • Very little documentation on how rules should work
    • Should we just leave people to bear the risks of their own changes?
    • PB: Business logic is currently in the scheme adapter (SDK)
      • Is this the right place for it?
      • Might not be - but then where?
      • The SDK does sync/async, captures FSPIOP calls and translates them into a simple version
      • PB: there might be a business aspect separate from the mechanical aspect
    • Discussion postponed to next week


  • SK: Go ahead with moving the Alias oracle to a new public repository
  • Merchant team: go ahead with proposed architecture.

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