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DA Meeting minutes 2023-12-06


Minutes of DA Meeting 2023-12-065





  • Report on actions from last meeting
    • Post the DA charter somewhere public
  • Transition (SO)
  • vNext NFRs (JB)
  • AOB


  • Actions from previous meeting
    • Post the DA charter somewhere public
    • Will be on (SO)
    • Da charter up for review by community in January
  • Transitioning (SO)
    • Congratulations to newly elected members
    • Welcome to Karim and Vijay
    • MR has served as chair for 2 years. Received the applause of a grateful public. DA needs to elect a chair.
    • New system: DA will have co-chairs, 1 from MLF, 1 from community. Community co-chair is senior.
    • Co-chair from MLF is JB.
    • Elected members can stand, all members can vote.
    • MR disqualified by charter from standing again. Eligible: Aung, Karim, Vijay, Paul Baker.
  • vNext NFRs (JB)
    • Product council call discussed road to release candidate for Baobab.
    • Assessment process for vNext will kick off as soon as beta is available.
    • Process is to compare beta against existing codebase in terms of functionality, but also NFRs.
    • Call for assistance.
    • PB: What is required? JB: should be simple. Replication of databases, resilience, redundancy.
    • Could be research-driven. Is best practice being followed?
    • We're assessing the code that's been delivered.
    • Kafka is the same in both; new codebase has Mongo instead of Kafka.
    • MR: event-driven nature of vNext may require new NFRs.
    • Must avoid negative framing: MUST rather than MUST NOT.
    • SK: could we look at an example? JB: replication of data in a database. vNow can use synchronous replication in production (MySql 8) so writes are guaranteed to have been persisted on a quorum of targets before success is reported.
    • Are there single points of failure? We should have other instances of every service.
    • System should be able to continue processing even if components are in a degraded state. Does this have to be answered in the same way in both systems?
    • MR: is there a relationship with the invariants? JB: yes, but there are some NFRs missing from them. We should review.
    • PB: interested , but worried about time... JB: will send links to documents and ask for review, invite to call to discuss issues. Interested: VK
  • AOB
    • VK: documentation? MR: SO will publish charter, and there is an issues list. MR to publish.


  • JB: store the invariants document in GitHub in MarkDown
  • MR: publish link to GitHub issues

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