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Community Council minutes 2024-04-29

MEETING ATTENDEES: Johan Foley, Min Tha Gyaw, Michael Richards, Kim Walters, Alain Kajangwe, Simeon Oriko, Megan Skinner, Megan Cannon, Sam Kummary, James Bush

Simeon welcomed the group and reviewed the agenda. Quorum was achieved.

Simeon reviewed the minutes for the 22 April meeting. The minutes were approved as presented. Additionally, a clarification was provided regarding the previous minutes, specifying that the kick-off call for the task force, which is aimed at potentially restructuring the DA and its charter, is restricted to the TGB. The main objective of the meeting will be to establish the scope and boundaries of the initiative, with probable involvement from other governing bodies for input.

Additional clarification was provided to distinguish between the Mojaloop community governance groups and the Mojaloop Foundation. It was explained that the TGB operates under the governance of the Mojaloop Foundation and is open to Promoter and Sponsor members. Moreover, it was confirmed that TGB meeting minutes are documented but are only accessible to TGB delegates.

Min inquired about any constraints preventing the CoCo from presenting proposed enhancements to the DA. It was confirmed that there are no such limitations on conveying suggested improvements to the DA, and it was emphasized that the governance groups retain ultimate authority over their respective charter revisions.

Simeon provided insights into the nomination and election process for the governance groups, the validation of expertise, and details regarding Mojaloop's current metrics tool, which monitors contributing companies among other metrics. Moreover, it was mentioned that the composition of the DA changes every PI as the workstream leads have the option to join the DA with voting privileges.

Min clarified concerns regarding the potential influence of a single company on Mojaloop's strategic direction. Min and Kim proposed amending the criteria for DA membership within its charter, suggesting limiting contributions to one representative per company.

Min suggested that the CoCo and the DA engage in quarterly discussions. Furthermore, it was noted that the DA charter includes a mention of a Community Council representative, and Min sought clarification on whether the CoCo could have a representative on the DA.

It was confirmed that Min will draft a formal proposal.

Action Items

  • Min to draft a formal proposal to the DA

4.0 AOB
There was no other business discussed.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:08 AM ET.

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