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Community Council minutes 2024-04-22

MEETING ATTENDEES: Min Tha Gyaw, Kim Walters, Alain Kajangwe, Reica Rampersadh, Simeon Oriko, Megan Skinner, Sam Kummary

Simeon welcomed the group and reviewed the agenda. Quorum was achieved.

Simeon reviewed the minutes for the 4 March meeting. The minutes were approved as presented.

Simeon shared two documents regarding Mojaloop Documentation. Firstly, the Mojaloop Documentation Outline, which is currently in progress and aims to define the structure of Secondly, the Mojaloop Documentation Audit, which provides an audit of existing pages and subpages. Notably, all information on the website is stored on GitHub.

Simeon has requested the Community Council (CoCo) to review the Mojaloop Documentation Audit and manage updates for specific pages. Additionally, Mojaloop Staff will also be taking responsibility for certain pages. Simeon will follow up with an email containing detailed instructions on how to proceed with these updates.

Min proposed via email to include the restructuring of the DA on the CoCo agenda. One notable suggestion is to limit participation to one individual per company to ensure diverse representation within the DA. Kim also acknowledged this as an important issue.

Simeon confirmed, both via email and during the call, that the TGB has requested the formation of a task force to discuss the restructuring of the DA and its charter. This task is being overseen by James Bush, Co-Chair of the DA, and the Mojaloop Foundation (MLF) team. The scheduling of task force calls is underway, and they are open to input from anyone interested. It was clarified that the TGB governs the Mojaloop Foundation, distinct from the Mojaloop Community.

Regarding engagement in the Mojaloop Community, Simeon clarified that it is currently based on individual contributions regardless of organizational affiliation. Simeon noted that while the CoCo has previously deliberated on this issue, it can be re-visited if the council agrees. Furthermore, it was highlighted that DA members are democratically elected on an annual basis.

Min proposed that James consider community input and requested that the CoCo be kept informed throughout the process. Simeon expressed support for James updating the CoCo once the TGB has made progress.

Simeon noted that while the CoCo can discuss the topic, it may not be the most efficient route, as the topic is slated for discussion within the recently formed task force. Moreover, it was emphasized that the governance groups hold ultimate authority over their respective charter revisions. Simeon urged anyone with insights to actively engage in the forthcoming task force discussions.

Action Items

  • Simeon to send an email containing detailed instructions on how to proceed with documentation updates

4.0 AOB
There was no other business discussed.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:03 AM ET.

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