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Community Council minutes 2023-06-12

MEETING ATTENDEES: Ed Cable, Warren Carew, Sridevi Miriyala, Innocent Kawooya, Simeon Oriko, Megan Skinner, Sam Kummary

Simeon welcomed the group and reviewed the agenda.

Simeon reviewed the minutes for the 15 May meeting. There were no objections, and the minutes were approved as presented.

Simeon shared the draft of the Mojaloop Community Annual Survey and reviewed the comments received by the Community Council. It was noted that the survey lacks community representation in that it has a strong focus on development and is geared towards individuals contributing code. The group agreed that the survey should be broadened to include three buckets of people within the community:

1) Code contributors (includes product work)
2) Adopters/Go to Market
3) People involved in training/advocacy/outreach

A suggestion was made to add a question about why people contribute to the community to better understand what is important to people who contribute. Another suggestion was made to add open-ended questions geared towards understanding the successful things happening in the community, in addition to opportunities for improvement. Simeon commented that the questions are structured in a way that produces quantitative data that can be measured over time. Another option is to add an “Other” option to each question to allow for comments.

Simeon stated that the survey should be limited to 25 questions. Per a previous suggestion, the purpose of the demographic questions will be reviewed and removed if considered unnecessary.

Simeon will make the suggested changes and send the revised survey out by email this week.

Simeon shared and reviewed the Workstream Governance document. The goal of the document is to create a focus on workstreams to ensure that everything the community does from a technical perspective happens in an official workstream.

A suggestion was made to add a statement to help clarify the life span of a workstream. Simeon commented that workstreams typically cycle through a whole PI, which is about 15 weeks. Sometimes the workstreams are extended into the next PI. Simeon will add a statement to help define the length of period for a workstream.

Innocent asked a question about how to preserve inactive workstreams for future reference and the reasons for declaring a workstream inactive. Simeon shared his opinion that the decision to declare a workstream inactive should be based on the list of requirements within the Workstream Governance document. If a workstream becomes inactive but is then able to meet the requirements, the Product Council should have a process to review those requests. Right now, the Product Council reviews the status of both active and inactive workstreams every two weeks. Simeon commented that there may be other factors that influence a workstream status and the Product Council should have the flexibility in those decisions.

Innocent clarified that his question was about being able to reference the work that has been done in previous workstreams to decrease time wasted in trying to reinvent the wheel. Per Simeon’s suggestion, Innocent will draft a recommendation to the Product Council. Simeon noted that the Community Council can provide guidelines to the Product Council but should allow them the flexibility to make decisions on some of the finer details.

The approval of the Mojaloop Community Annual Survey and the Workstream Governance document will be postponed, allowing changes to be made and Community Council members time to review both documents. If necessary, a ballot will be sent out and/or another Community Council meeting will be scheduled to allow for final review and approval before the Community Meeting.

This topic was not discussed and will be postponed to a later date.

Action Items

  • Simeon to make changes to the Mojaloop Community Annual Survey and send it for review to the Community Council.
  • Innocent will draft a recommendation to the Product Council about how to preserve the work done in previous workstreams.

5.0 AOB
Simeon announced that registration for the Community Meeting is open, and the agenda has been posted.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:48 am ET.

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