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Community Council minutes 2023-05-15

MEETING ATTENDEES: André Vermaak, Johan Foley, Min Tha Gyaw, Barrie Vener, Warren Carew, Sridevi Miriyala, Innocent Kawooya, Jane Stroucken, Simeon Oriko, Megan Skinner, James Bush

Simeon welcomed the group and reviewed the agenda.

Simeon reviewed the minutes for the 8 May meeting. There were no objections, and the minutes were approved as presented.

Simeon reported that the addition of the System Integrators and Digital Public Goods categories has been approved by Paula. An additional category, Technology Companies, has also been added. The proposed categorization is currently as follows:

  1. Payment Solution Companies
  2. System Integrators
  3. Hub Operators
  4. Central Banks
  5. Fintechs/Other Financial Institutions
  6. Development Banks and Donors
  7. Open Source Developers/Contributors
  8. Digital Public Goods e.g Mifos, MOSIP, Interledger
  9. Technology Companies e.g. Google, Microsoft

Next, the proposed categories will be verified by the community through the community survey. Then, engagement strategies will be developed for each category. Simeon is creating a working document to share with the group. Once the engagement strategies have been finalized, the Community Council will work together with the Foundation and/or people within the community to reach both active and prospective community members to ensure they have a way to contribute. Simeon confirmed the engagement strategies will provide guidance on how the engagement will take place.

Simeon provided a draft of the annual survey and asked Community Council members to review and provide input within the document. Simeon noted the importance of getting feedback and input to ensure the categories and questions that are asked are impactful and produce meaningful data. As a reminder, the survey should help define the dimensions of the community and identify who is in the community and what their goals and frustrations are. The proposed launch date is the week of the June member meeting (26 June 2023), and the survey will be open for a month to allow for as much feedback from as many people as possible.

The sections of the survey are currently as follows:

  • Contributor Identity
  • Determinants of Contribution
  • Mentorship/Help
  • Harassment/Inclusiveness of OSS
  • OSS in Paid Work
  • Demographics

Simeon encouraged the group to review the document and add or revise questions and sections as necessary. The goal is to have the document fully reviewed and contributed to by 12 June 2023. The group asked Staff to transfer the proposed questions into a survey format for the Community Council to review.
It was noted that the proposed survey is very comprehensive and there are concerns that the community won’t complete it if it’s too long. Simeon suggested that the group tries to consolidate questions. Another suggestion was made to have shorter surveys go out in succession. Simeon will discuss this proposal with Staff.

Action Items

  • Community Council to review and provide input for the annual survey by 12 June 2023
  • Staff to transfer the proposed questions for the annual survey into a survey format for the Community Council to review
  • Community Council to complete poll to see if there is a better day for the group to meet

5.0 AOB
Simeon reminded the group to review the 2023 Objectives document and identify any items the Community Council should prioritize.

Simeon also reminded the group to complete the poll to determine if we need to move this call to a different day.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:38 am ET.

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