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Microsoft completes open-sourcing of the Mojaloop Azure Marketplace deployment artefacts.

Hi folks , some really good news. Microsoft have finalised the open-sourcing of their work (done by the good folks at Sybrin) for deploying Mojaloop directly from the Azure Marketplace to Azure managed Kubernetes (AKS).

You can (and should) try out deploying Mojaloop to Azure AKS from the Azure Marketplace and you should do this no matter if you are a student interested in Kubernetes / cloud native applications or perhaps a business and finance person interested in payments infrastructure or in any other way interested in the Mojaloop application or environment.

Kim Walters wrote up some very simple deployment instructions for our recent Mojaloop meeting held in Kigali, including how to get a free trial Azure account for 30 days. You can find Kim's instructions at

So why do you/we care that the deployment Mojaloop Azure details have been open sourced I hear you ask ?

Well ....

  • because it enables the Mojaloop community easy access to the packaging and automation work that has already been done (Microsoft have generously used a very unrestricted MIT license)
  • as this makes it much easier to update this work to deploy later releases of Mojaloop (e.g. Mojaloop v15)
  • as it makes it easier for us to add Mojaloop features to the existing deployment, for example bulk, 3ppi , BizOps framework etc
  • as it enables us to inco rporate the Microsoft work into Mojaloop should we wish

All of which enables us to continue to make Mojaloop easier to deploy and cheaper to run and test.

You can check out what they have done at : also have a look at the PI-21 workstream for Azure Phase 2 at to see the planned upgrade work

My thanks go to Microsoft (Jason / Mark ) for this and for supporting our community and to the folks at Sybrin for doing the initial work to enable more Mojaloop deployments :-)

p.s. Hey if you do try out the Mojaloop Azure Marketplace installation, please drop a comment on this article and let us know !

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