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DA Meeting Minutes 2023-09-06


Minutes of DA Meeting 2023-09-06





  • Report on actions from last meeting
    • SK: Go ahead with moving the Alias oracle to a new public repository
    • SK: ensure that document is clear about testing with latest component releases.
    • SK: add to Mojaloop documentation to be clearer about what support we offer and how to obtain it.
    • SK: Two factor authentication in GitHub
  • Further discussion on Issue 96: Clarifying Mojaloop release contents (SK)
  • Further discussion on Issue 70: Review Original Mojaloop Project Principles (JB)
  • DA involvement in API changes (PSB)
  • AOB


  • SK reported on G20 fintech conference
    • 21 teams in 3 groups for a hackathon
    • Groups: Fraud, FX, currency conversion/rates
    • One company solving settlement with FX
    • Official presentations were private
  • Actions from previous meeting
    • All done
  • Issue 96: Mojaloop release contents
    • Draft version is now on GitHub
    • No edits as such, but plan to be more crisp with initial statement
    • Issues for discussion here:
    • TD proposes minimum review requirements - reviewers from at least 2 organisations. Mojaloop treats contributors as individuals, not members of organisations. Community council should figure out whether this is OK or not.
    • PSB - taking notes and sharing with TD
    • Helm release contents: we need to categorise components and sub-components into things that Mojaloop itself includes and things that they depend on.
    • Should we specify platforms that we run on? For discussion with TD.
    • Should we have a named release manager? PB: there is a benefit in having someone named in key roles, of responsibility and visibility. SK: currently workstream leads are playing that role. PSB: hard to co-ordinate, SK: not true if that's a real problem now.
    • JS: are we lacking definition? We need to make sure that the workstream leads know that they have to manage all of the release process.
    • PSB: isn't SK the release manager? SK: yes, but we want this to be generalised into a community process. It's an interim role.
    • SK: We have a role, which will be implicitly split out by workstream. SK will continue to support the workstream leads and co-ordinate releases.
    • Is it clear? SK to update the document
    • PSB: I do think we need someone to manage this process.
    • SK will update document and discuss next week.
  • Issue 70: Mojaloop principles
    • JB: Presented issues from the ticket


  • SK: Clarify the documentation on release management.
  • SK: Update the release documentation and re-review.
  • JB: Will dig out actual principles in the charter.
  • MR: contact product council about the document.

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