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DA Meeting minutes 2023-07-05


Minutes of DA Meeting 2023-07-05






  • Actions from previous meeting
  • Issue 96: SK
    • This is an initial draft for discussion
    • How do we support existing implementers?
    • How should people make changes to code?
    • What about rules?
    • Very little documentation on how rules should work
    • Should we just leave people to bear the risks of their own changes?
    • PB: Business logic is currently in the scheme adapter (SDK)
      • Is this the right place for it?
      • Might not be - but then where?
      • The SDK does sync/async, captures FSPIOP calls and translates them into a simple version
      • PB: there might be a business aspect separate from the mechanical aspect
  • Outstanding issues
    • SK: Mojaloop alias oracle has been around as a private oracle for some time, we need to make it public.
      • What needs to happen to make it public?


  • SK: Plan for making the Alias oracle public

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