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Community Council minutes 2023-05-08

MEETING ATTENDEES: André Vermaak, Min Tha Gyaw, Ed Cable, Sridevi Miriyala, Innocent Kawooya, Simeon Oriko, Kim Walters, Megan Skinner, Sam Kummary

Simeon welcomed the group and reviewed the agenda.

Simeon reviewed the minutes for the 3 April meeting. There were no objections, and the minutes were approved as presented.

Simeon shared and reviewed the 2023 Objectives. It was noted that the objectives are moving from a thinking and planning phase into an action phase.

Simeon shared the proposed categories under the ‘Define community categorization’ key deliverable within the ‘Community dimensions and strategy’ objective. Simeon asked the group for feedback on the proposed categories. It was suggested to add Digital Public Goods and System Integrators as categories within the Mojaloop community. It was noted that System Integrators may be separate from Payment Solution Companies in that Payment Solution Companies are trying to use Mojaloop as a system while System Integrators are looking more into the technical details of how to connect to the Mojaloop system. Simeon indicated that System Integrators may be one aspect of Payment Solution Companies and that there are likely more. The suggested categories (Digital Public Goods and System Integrators) were added to the list and the Community Council will continue to discuss and refine the categories.

Simeon stated that community categorization is the basis on which the Community Council will develop engagement strategies. Simeon proposed the following:

1) Verify the proposed categories with the community
2) Develop engagement strategies for each category and bring the strategies to the Community Council for input

Simeon explained that one of the goals is to increase members in our community, specifically members that provide direct contributions. To do that, the focus will be on getting community members directly involved in the workstreams and making it easy for the community to make those contributions. It was noted that this proposal directly impacts the goal of increasing contributions and eventually adoptions. There were no objections to the proposal. Simeon confirmed that he will move forward with developing initial engagement strategies and present them to the Community Council for input.

Simeon proposed that the Community Council produce a survey to help define the dimensions of the community and to help identify who is in the community and what their goals and frustrations are. The proposed launch date will be the week of the June member meeting (26 June 2023) and the survey will be open for a month to allow for as much feedback from as many people as possible.

Simeon noted that there is a proposal to create a baseline and engagement plans for each stakeholder listed under the ‘Define community categorization’ key deliverable within the ‘Community dimensions and strategy’ objective. Simeon explained that the Community Council can use the results from the survey to create a baseline for certain metrics for the community. This will provide an opportunity to compare how the Community Council’s efforts are impacting some of the objectives and goals set for this year.

Simeon proposed four categories for the survey: 1) Experience as a community member, 2) Proposals around governance, 3) Workstreams, and 4) Tools and processes. Simeon noted the importance of getting feedback and input from the Community Council to ensure the categories and questions that are asked are impactful and produce meaningful data. Simeon and staff will create a document for collaboration on the survey categories and questions. Once finalized, the PR and Marketing team will help us reframe the questions. Simeon noted that the survey should be as brief as possible to ensure more community members complete it.

Simeon urged the group to review the 2023 Objectives document and provide any proposals or action items that directly link to the objectives.

Action Items

  • Simeon to develop initial engagement strategies for each proposed community category to present to the Community Council for input
  • Simeon and staff to create a document for collaboration on the community survey categories and questions
  • Staff to send poll to see if there is a better day for the Community Council meetings

6.0 AOB
It was suggested that we consider moving the Community Council meetings to a different day as the meetings seem to be cancelled or rescheduled quite often due to various public Holidays. Staff will send out a doodle poll to see if there is a better day that works for everyone.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 am ET.

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