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Design Authority Minutes 17 May 2023


Minutes of DA Meeting 2023-05-17






  • Issue 102: SK
    • PSB: we should just do it now.
    • SK: yes, we could give notification and a date.
    • JB, TD: supportive.
    • MR: we should allow people to object if they want to. SK: agree
    • TD: does this kill DA #94? MdB: no, this is about a central location for common passwords.
  • Aged Issues (MR)
    • Issue 49: This is an FSPIOP issue and we should close it here. MR to check whether it's been fixed and, if not, raise it as a CCB issue
    • Issue 55: This has been dealt with under the node dependencies decision. Close this issue.
    • Issue 57: has been discussed and can be closed.
    • Issue 60: 1 and 2 do not need to be fixed. PSB: 3 is fixed in vNext. MdB: this is not for the Kafka library to fix. Agreed that nothing needs to be done.
    • Issue 61: JS: couldn't see PI12 presentations. Has this been done or not? MR to find out. MdB: this is a specification issue. FSPIOP specification needs to change. This is a specification issue and needs to be discussed in the FSPIOP specification. To be closed here. PB: The problem isn't just if there is a timeout - it could be any reason why transfer is not fulfilled...
    • Issue 65: MdB - this is not a DA question, it's an FSPIOP question. PSB: agree. Close this and raise it with CCB.
    • Issue 68: MdB: First issue has been resolved, now /quotes does time out. Checked and it doesn't time out. PSB: this isn't really needed. Agreed. Nothing further to be done.
    • Issue 70: This is the invariants question. Leave open.
    • Issue 73: JF/JO: Development has finished and this issue can be closed.
    • Issue 75: leave for JB to pursue

No meeting next week: mid-PI review


  • MR: check on issue 49
  • PSB/MdB: discuss issue 57 and conclude
  • MR: Raise issue 61 with GK and find status out.
  • MR: Raise issue 61 as an FSPIOP issue.
  • MR: raise #65 as an FSPIOP issue.
  • JB: present on Issue 75.

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