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Devarsh Shah

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Getting Started

Hello Everyone,
I guess I am a little late to get involved. However,
I am Devarsh Shah from India. I am about to graduate in the major of Computer Science Degree. Talking about my Interest, I have huge interest in DevOps, like to containerize the app, orchestrate the containers using Kubernetes, also provisioning Infrastructure using IaC tools, creating CI/CD Pipelines and these kind of automating tasks excites me the most. That's all about me for now.

How did I got to know about Mojaloop?

I got to know about Mojaloop is by the Dedicated Mentorship programme by and after a little bit of research I would love to get involved in this: "mojaloop/project"

Looking forward to contributing to Mojaloop.

PS: I have also done a little bit of research on What Mojaloop is, what are the responsibility are on the shoulder of Mojaloop and I got to know about, Learn Mojaloop Moodle Website, where I registered myself in MOJA 103 module and studied it and I have seen the best presentation and explanation of the each concepts with good user experience.

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