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Developing a Core Connector for Mifos X

This post explores integrating Apache Fineract with Mojaloop for Government to Person (G2P) payments

Author: Elijah Okello, Software Engineer passionate about Open Source Fintech

What you'll learn:

  • Connecting Fineract (core banking system) with Mojaloop (payment network) for G2P payments.
  • Design considerations for the core connector, including API interactions and Fineract account representation in Mojaloop.
  • Tools and resources used for development, testing, and deployment (Typescript, Jest, Mojaloop Testing Toolkit, Docker).
  • Lessons learned and challenges faced, like handling zero-charge transactions and IBAN validation.


  • Enable Fineract users to participate in Mojaloop's real-time payment network.
  • Facilitate efficient G2P initiatives using open-source technologies.

Full article & Resources: Developing a core-connector for MifosX

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