Versioning PI-12 Objectives

I want to open the discussion on the PI12 Objectives for the versioning workstream.

Here’s what we mentioned in our presentation:

  • Implement auto-releasing for our code pipelines

    • Improve release notes
    • Consolidate CI/CD Config across all repos
  • ml-operator v1.1

    • Apply image patches upon confirmation
    • Nice UI for hub operators
    • Automatically apply upgrades during an upgrade window
  • Data migrations + Upgrades

    • Revisit our zero downtime deployment POC

We also need a single sentence that summarizes our goals in a SMART fashion.


This looks good @lewisdaly, may be we can call the third one as a stretch goal and add measuring criteria to each (as you indicated)…

hey @lewisdaly. how does the below look:

  1. Implement auto-releases for all core repositories in CI/CD [Measurability criteria: Improved release notes, Consolidate CI/CD Config across relevant repos]
  2. Enhance ml-operator (v1.1) to apply image patching upon confirmation by Hub Operators with configurability options for automation [using a user interface - stretch goal] [Measurability criteria: Apply image patches upon confirmation]
  3. Streamline Data migrations + Upgrades based on inputs from current implementers and leveraging the zero-down-time PoC {stretch goal]

Thanks for following this up. Yeah I’m happy with that. I’ve started adding ml-operator specific tickets to the board.

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