Thirdparty API SIG Minutes - 2021-03-03


  • Lewis Daly
  • Michael Richards
  • Henrik Karlsson
  • Simeon Oriko
  • Sam Kummary
  • JJ Geewax


  1. Demonstration of the PISP demo app’s linking flow
  2. Walk through the Linking sequence diagrams in their entirety


  • Lewis showed the PISP Demo application, and an example linking flow from the user’s perspective
  • We picked up the conversation on the end to end linking flow, and made the following decisions:
    • Instead of a second PUT /consentRequests/{id} and PUT /consents/{id}, we will use the PATCH HTTP Verb, in line with the rest of mojaloop’s async APIs
    • We clarified that elsewhere we are using RFC 7386 JSON Merge PATCH, but made the note that we will need to ensure this is captured somewhere (Michael volunteered to take this up)
    • We clarified that there is no case where a participant would send PATCH /.../{id}/error
      • instead this will be a PUT /.../{id}/error to communicate an error scenario after receiving a PUT call.