Thirdparty API SIG Minutes - 2021-02-17


  • Lewis Daly
  • Michael Richards
  • Henrik Karlsson
  • Simeon Oriko


  1. Continue walking through PISP Sequence diagrams
  2. AOB


  • Lewis showed the updated API Draft
  • Continued the discussion on Linking Sequence diagrams
  • Henrik made a number of suggestions and comments on the linking:
    • There isn’t as much a need for tha async API pattern
    • After auth step, we should have a different call - not another PUT /consentRequests/{id} from the PISP
  • on the POST /consents call, we talked about the analogy between a ConsentRequest and a Consent in the 3P API, and a Transaction Request and a Transfer in the FSPIOP API
    • Henrik seemed ok with this conclusion
  • We expanded a little on the Credential Type definition, and how the 3P API can support FIDO type Credentials, as well as more generic public/private keypair based credentials

Action Items

  • Lewis to continue further discussion on Henrik’s API suggestions
  • Lewis to schedule a longer session for the next call to get through the entire sequence diagrams