Thirdparty API SIG Minutes - 2021-02-03


  • Lewis Daly
  • Michael Richards
  • Henrik Karlsson
  • Lesley-Ann Vaughan
  • Don Changfoot
  • John Mark Ssebunya


  1. Draft PISP/DFSP decisions document
  2. Continue walking through PISP Sequence diagrams
  3. AOB


  • Lewis Presented the Draft PISP Deployment Decisions Document (Thirdparty API Design Decisions/Tradeoffs)

    • The goal is to have a list of options and tradeoffs for DFSPs and Hubs wishing to adopt the Thirdparty APIs
  • The discussion picked up from last time’s discussion of sharing accountNickames with a non-logged in user

  • John Mark asked for a little more context and to talk a little more about real use cases where we see this being used

  • Michael clarified that the use case we are talking about here is where a user holds more than 1 account that is identified by a single identifier - e.g. mike@richards could refer to more than 1 account at a single DFSP

  • The conversation moved a little more broadly to the issues of shared identifiers and aliases in Mojaloop in general

  • John Mark shared a specific use case from MTN, where MTN could be a PISP that connects a user’s bank account to their mobile money account, and make it easy to move funds between those 2 from one app/USSD interface

    • Lesley-Ann asked for more details on this specific use case
  • Henrik presented an alternative to the 2x OTP approach, where the displaying of accounts and subsequent linking could be achieved with 1 OTP ‘up front’

Action Items

  • Share more details about MTN Bank/Mobile Money use case -John Mark
  • Update API draft to line up with latest sequence diagrams - Lewis + Michael
  • Review and add any relevant comments