Thirdparty API SIG Minutes - 2020/01/06


  • Lewis Daly
  • Sam Kummary
  • Lesley-Ann Vaughn
  • Michael Richards
  • JJ Geewax
  • Simeon Oriko
  • Istvan Molnar


  1. Progress update on the process of updating the draft Sequence diagrams (Lewis + Michael)

  2. Open Discussion on the API Draft (see here)

  3. Any other business


  • Lewis provided an update on the progress with producing sequence diagrams based on the API Draft

  • Lesley-Ann introduced the topic of “PISP Feedback from the upcoming DFS Lab bootcamp”

    • How can non-specialists manage interactions with DFSPs as a PISP?
    • What are other use cases we can see other than P2P transfer or funds?
      • building on top of PISP - what can we learn from the Bootcamp participants?
      • improvements to the API?
    • What does a DFSP need to know to allow PISPs to do their magic? And how do we make implementing these things attractive? (Michael noted that this is a missing voice in our design process so far)
  • The conversation continued along the lines of the motivations for PISP adoption

    • We agreed that PISP needs to be more tangible
    • We also need to think about the sales process and “what is an MVP?”

Action Items

  1. Ongoing with with Sequence Diagrams (Lewis + Michael)
  2. Produce a list of questions we want feedback from on the PISP work during the Hackathon
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