Testing Toolkit, Change Control Board (CCB) Updates

Wednesday October 21, 2020
2:30 PM UTC

Session Leads: Sam Kummary (@elnyry-sam-k), Vijay Guthi, Michael Richards (@MichaelRichards), Georgi Logodazhki (@georgi-logodazhki)

Session Description:

PI-11 updates on the Testing toolkit (TTK) and the Change Control Board (CCB

Session Slides: https://github.com/mojaloop/documentation-artifacts/blob/master/presentations/October%202020%20Community%20Event/presentations/Mojaloop_TTK_PI12-Oct2020.pdf

Session Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYBnBumLB7c&list=PLhqcvNJ3bJt7U8ab05ayGv16-6n5jZOH2&index=25

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  1. Support wider adoption
  • Native javascript support for adding tests
  • Capability to Validate Hubs for functionality
  • Interact with implementers for requirements & support adoption for Validating FSPs, Hubs and
  • Onboarding FSPs to Schemes
  1. Usage / UI enhancements based on community feedback
  • TTK enhancements
  • Event Framework integration
  • Sequence diagrams for default tests (based on event framework)
  • Dashboards / home-screen with live data
  • Distributed architecture: hosted solution micro-service architecture (to enhance load handling)
  • Scenarios: DFSPs can download and select scenarios with step-by-step instructions for validating their functionality
  1. Maintenance & Support
  • Hardening of the TTK
  • Training material (After PI-12)

This appears quite general. Can the TTK be used for non-Mojaloop APIs that a DFSP might be using internally or with other partners? Is TTK a general Open API testing framework or is it tied to knowledge of Mojaloop APIs?

Sam: Hi Miller, yes it an be used with non-Mojaloop APIs… Its a general Open API framework… the Swaggers, APIs can be provisioned Into the tool and then they should be good to go.

Given this generality, should Mojaloop Foundation consider offering the TTK as a separately released and maintained module for the broader OSS practicing communities? @Leslie-Ann?

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I am curious first of all to figure out with a little more clarity where gsma testing toolkit is already building, where we can also use their work. the 2 communities (as an outsider 3 weeks in) feel quite separately building open source testing toolkits and hosted hubs, listening to today’s both great presentations.

ie - the answer is “yes we could, it might be nice to do”.

But i’m also wondering if we do that, what we’re not doing that helps our mojaloop aims of broader contributions from our developer community & getting successful deployment stories & traction, and being feature complete for our core uses (with RFP responses in mind, but also getting a vote of confidence from our existing adopters in dealing with edge case issues that will lead to revenue leakage at scale in cross-currency use.).

can we brainstorm the outcome we’d imagine from doing that now (vs later), and test whether there is any appetite first?

the ultimate question - is what are we hoping/expecting the DFSP to adopt as an aspiration from a combination of both pieces of work.

@millerabel - thats a great suggestion; Vijay and I discussed this and are looking forward to that…

@lavaughan - Michael, Vijay and I will be happy to brainstorm these things…