Supporting Split Payment Aggregator in Mojaloop

Thursday October 22, 2020
3:10 PM UTC

Session Leads: Moses Kusasira, Michael Richards (@MichaelRichards)

Session Description:

We will discuss how Split Payment Aggregator like SSNAPP can be integrated into Mojaloop.

Session Slides:

Session Recording:

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08:24:05 From Lesley-Ann Vaughan : it looks like an interesting extension to PISP - have you got any leads/demos planned near future that would help us to validate if it would be worthwhile to do this quarter? are the PISP team thinking about this extension yet?
08:27:24 From Michael Richards : The PISP team doesn’t have to do very much except support the extended Tx request message. It’s the switch component that does the heavy lifting…
08:31:01 From Lesley-Ann Vaughan : @miller and @pisp team - the question was about prioritisation - you didn’t make your case for “why now” :slight_smile:
08:31:16 From Lesley-Ann Vaughan : hopefully that will come tomrrow
08:32:48 From Miller Abel : @Leslie-Ann, I think this is more a proof-of-concept work by the community of contributors. If the PoC is persuasive, we would then look at what is required to incorporate it into the hub … which components, what changes…

Thanks @MichaelRichards and Moses - I’m just recapping this now.

I certainly like the idea of the lightweight bill payments interface - I wonder if we also need to design for money to move in both directions (and what changes, if any, would be required). The use case I’m thinking of is a refund from a biller, such as a security deposit.