Q&A Session with Alliance for Innovative Regulation

Monday January 25, 2021
3:10 PM UTC

Session Leads: Paula Hunter (@hunterp), Jo Ann Barefoot, David Ehrich

Session Description: Join us for a dive into the mind of a regulator, learn firsthand how the Alliance for Innovative Regulation is helping shape the a digital “regtech” transformation.

Session Recording

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To David’s point - issuing the regulation in code is a great idea! Was it hard to train the regulator to speak in code?

Have you ever seen it where a regulator uses a regulatory / technology sandbox for a national payment strategy?

great point on dialogue - I heard a Sterling exec asked why they are allowed to do things other banks aren’t by FCA - they said “they can, they just don’t ask for clarity”

@paulluchtenburg and @millerabel – I’d like to compare “tech sprints” to what we did in the first six months in Myanmar.