Proposal to Restructure the Change Control Board (CCB)

The Community Leadership Committee, led by @MichaelRichards , discussed and approved the attached draft proposal for restructuring the Change Control Board.

Multi-API CCB Structure v1.1.docx (21.9 KB)

This draft is hereby shared for the larger community to give feedback and propose any changes. This open consultation is open until Friday 9th October 2020 .

Please share your feedback in this thread (use the reply button).

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Thanks @MichaelRichards for this proposal. In the proposal:

Each new initiative which will result in the definition of one or more APIs will define those APIs through a Special Interest Group.

I think we may also need a method for proposing these new initiatives and whether or not they should result in the definition of new APIs. Do you envision that as something to be managed by the CCB?

Good point, Lewis. I think the new initiatives itself will come as a result of collaboration with the Product Counsel, so maybe we can defer that to that group. What do you think?

In addition, here’s the updated version v1.2 of the proposal by @MichaelRichards… Multi-API.CCB.Structure.v1.2.docx (28.2 KB)

Also, this can be tracked on GitHub here:

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Thanks Sam, 2 minor points:

  1. I think we have a product manager we can put in for section 4.3.2
  2. My name is misspelled a couple times :wink:

Sure Lewis, one fixed in Michael’s latest version, will ensure the other fixed as it is published…