Product Council - 2021 Direction

Wednesday January 27, 2021
3:30 PM UTC

Session Leads: Lesley-Ann Vaughan (@lavaughan)

Session Description: Product Council - 2021 direction

so much has happened since the last convening!

2021 vision, technology focused asked to enable that vision, and what work is happening at product council to support requirements + GTM work.

An update on our new sandbox, as way to start the journey to simplification and simpler get started.

Session Slides

Session Recording

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I cannot find the session slide…

Hi John-Mark - they will be be up on github later, if you need them sooner email me at

@jmssebunnya Slides linked above.

Sharing here for convenience: documentation-artifacts/Product Council UPdate.pdf at master · mojaloop/documentation-artifacts · GitHub