Performance Scalability PoC Report

The Scalability PoC Report document describes how the Mojaloop Central-Ledger can be evolved using a proposed architecture based on the following key patterns and principles:

  • Event-driven design,
  • CQRS,
  • Event-sourcing, and
  • Further segregating microservices into their respective domains;

The objective of this proposed architecture is to increase horizontal scalability with minimum cost increments, without sacrificing performance or fault-tolerance.

The document includes an overview of the proposed architecture, performance characteristics, findings, learnings and proposed next steps.

This report is a team effort, produced from the efforts of the following individuals:




The Mojaloop Design Authority is sharing this draft with the wider community until Monday 23rd, November to give feedback and propose any changes.

Please share your feedback in this thread (use the reply button).

Mojaloop - Scalability PoC Report - v0.3-draft.pdf (2.5 MB)

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Will comments added to the original shared document still be considered by the team, or should we add them again here?

Hi Michael,
We have tried to respond to all comments on the original document, so hopefully we can transition all discussions to this tool.
If it helps, please paste the existing comments here for context along with your reply.

This is a great doc gentlemen, nice work. Sorry for not mentioning sooner, but I would recommend some context in the introduction around current speed / scaling and the results (highlight components of Table 4.2.1a and Section 7). i.e. it can already manage 5000 FTPS but at XX cost - we can reduce it to YY cost. Also in the intro, recommend relating the CSU to estimated costs in AWS, Azure and a selected on prem option.