Performance and Scalability PI-12 Objectives

Starting the discussion on the PI12 Objectives for the Performance and Scalability work-stream.

These are the objectives as discussed during the convening:

  • Production ready MVP, consisting of happy path plus a limited set of non-happy path use cases that are fully QA’d (resilient & consistent)
  • Phase 5 plan to enhance MVP into a production-ready feature-complete central-ledger (i.e. same functionality as existing legacy central-ledger)

At this stage, the “Performance Scalability Report” document was shared with the community and we welcome everyone to provide feedback.

Proposed team (core - will have to be extended depending on agreed scope and objectives):

In progress activities:

  • Report out doc feedback incorporation
  • Rules, fraud and auditing synergies & dependencies discussions (patterns and principles)
  • Pending decisions on team composition and OK to start

Please respond below if you’d like to participate or otherwise have any feedback.

The PoC Team