OpenG2P: An Open Source Framework for Digitizing Bulk Payments and Transfers

Tuesday January 26, 2021
1:30 PM UTC

Session Leads: Keyzom Massally, Edward Cable (@edcable)

Session Description: Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for governments to rapidly disburse payments and cash transfers is ever more critical. OpenG2P aims to provide both a framework and a reference architecture of open source building blocks to address the pervasive challenges of digitizing G2P payments around enrollment, disbursement, and recourse. Recently recognized by the Digital Public Goods Alliance as one of the seven foundation digital public goods for the Financial Inclusion Community of Practice, OpenG2P will transform the currently cumbersome and costly process for mobilizing cash transfers through a set of re-usable open source components that can be plugged in alongside the current systems in place. This session will provide a conceptual overview of the framework and how it leverages other digital public goods like Mosip for identity, Mojaloop for payments, and Mifos for accounts, as well as a high-level demonstration of the current stack.

Session Slides

Session Recording

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Did you get any engagement or contribution from WFP or UNHCR?

Hi all. Thanks for attending session.

Here are some follow-on links to learn more about OpenG2P. We’ll be replying to questions from the chat soon.

Github: Open Government-to-Person Framework · GitHub
Odoo Demo Instance - (admin | admin)
More Info:

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