New Regulatory Building Blocks for Payments

Monday January 25, 2021
1:40 PM UTC

Session Leads: David Mangini (@DMangini)

Session Description: Banking and Financial Services is undergoing a period of rapid change in many countries. Expanding digital technologies have introduced changes in technology and market structure with a renewed focus on cross-border payments. In addition to this, private digital currencies are also being introduced which offer users new choices but present important challenges to central banks and governments. These changes have brought the G20 countries to jointly establish a work plan to address the many moving parts of the payments space. This session outlines the roadmap commissioned by the G20 that is proposed from the BIS and the Financial Stability Board (FSB). I will present the 3 Stages of the program, the 7 Challenges to be addressed, the 5 Focus areas of the work, and the 19 Building Blocks that will drive the overall roadmap for the G20 and beyond.

Session Slides

Session Recording

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Simeon, would you post a link here to the presentation and FATF report?

Updated original post with the link.

Sharing again here for convenience: Session Slides