MPQS Meeting Minutes 2021-05-19


  • Godfrey Kutumela (GK)
  • Pedro Baretto (PB)
  • Victor Akidiva (VA)
  • Samuel Kummary (SK)
  • Miguel De Barros (MB)
  • Lewis Daly (LD)
  • Aime Bukassa (AB)
  • Tom Daly (TD) - Absent


  1. Weekly progress review via ZenHub board
  2. AOB


  • GK highlighted progress of Stories as below(Format is #StoryID - Discussion highlight.):
  1. #1783 - Mowali GDPR. GK communicated to Mowali CTO on support requirements for GDPR. Focus to include architectural improvements leveraging Reference Architecture workstream.
  2. #2034 - Platform Security Support - Session planned with FRM team to align on expected security standards as well as understand their proposed high level architecture and underlying security tooling.
  3. #2129 - ML security contributions. OSS Targeting companies to contribute on security issues and discussions ongoing on a reward incentive model.
  4. #2028 - AB added signature verification. Conducted a brief CPM demo to the team


  • Review of DevOps limitations with regards to updating some libraries. Where a fix is not provided by maker, OSS cannot update the solution.
  • ML Updater targetted to be defacto update tool.
  • Process review and documentation to be done.
  • High level review of Sim Overlay solutions in relation to Mojaloop

Meeting ended at 13.00