MPQS Meeting Minutes 2021-04-03 9:30 UTC


  • Godfrey Kutumela (GK)
  • Pedro Baretto (PB)
  • Victor Akidiva (VA)
  • Samuel Kummary (SK)
  • Miguel De Barros (MB)
  • Lewis Daly (LD)
  • Aime Bukassa (AB)
  • Tom Daly (TD) - Absent


  1. Weekly progress review via ZenHub board
  2. AOB


  • GK highlighted progress of Stories as below(Format is #StoryID - Discussion highlight.):
  1. #2125 - MPQS Documentation story closed and put in backlog for next PI.
  2. #1949: - GK: Mowali team are proceeding with internally developed workaround. Michael presented new API proposal to OSS CAB and is awaiting feedback. Next steps are solutioning to continue being tracked next PI.
  3. #1779 - GK: MPQS lab setup being finalised. AB needs assistance with 2FA from his current location. LD to assist.
  4. #2029 - GK: Logging and audit requirements issue parked until environment refactoring is complete. PB needs additional details from product team. GK to pursue issue via Mowali relationship.
    5 - #2113 - GK: Security Bug Contribution - to be reviewed via product council which will review strategies available for contributors to provide input.
  5. #2050 - GK : Finalised feedback and added comments on Github. Some aspects of Moja 104 are implementation specific with some repetitions.
  6. #1879 - GK : Repo Optimisation: No changes this week. Current status is satisfactory. Plan is to do 3 month cleanup cycles. PB proposed having a final review meeting next week to look at process documentation.
  7. #2110 - VA - Challenge scanning databases. GK to check contacts if they can support with community versions of tools like Imperva / Scuba / Guardium. Scans to be aligned with documented best practices.
  8. #2074 - GK to check with TD on progress with K8 Security setup in Miniloop.
  9. #2142 - CIS Benchmarking - VA updated story progressing well. GK suggested to get Mowali images in private repos donated to OSS.

Meeting ended at 13.00