MPQS Meeting Minutes 2021-03-31 9:30 UTC


  • Godfrey Kutumela (GK)
  • Pedro Baretto (PB)
  • Victor Akidiva (VA)
  • Samuel Kummary (SK)
  • Miguel De Barros (MB)
  • Lewis Daly (LD)
  • Aime Bukassa (AB)
  • Tom Daly (TD) - Absent


  1. Weekly progress review via ZenHub board
  2. AOB


  • GK highlighted progress of Stories as below(Format is #StoryID - Discussion highlight.):
  1. #2094-Investigate Github licences. GK: BSD licence available for use. LD to review.
  2. #1949: - GK: Meeting Mowali team today for KYC proposal around APIs review that Michael provided to Mowali.
  3. #1779 - GK: LD reviewing AB requests for AWS components. Aim it to keep cost low. LD & MDB asked for some clarity on various components requested on AWS from AB. MDB asked that we avoid relying on managed/cloud hosted components for any solutions.
  4. #2029 - GK: Awaiting feedback from Pedro on the business requirements for logging and audit requirements.
    5 - #2113 - GK: Documentation, Training and demos review ongoing based on Moja Training course review.
  5. #2050 - GK : Open for review and feedback based on comments made on Moja 104.
  6. #2041 - GK : Moved to blocked till more details on scope are firmed up.
  7. #2028 - Signature Verification. AB has images for demo on docker. To move images to MPQS Lab hence needed components as identified in Min #3.
  8. #1879 - SK updated that Pedro’s proposal received. It appears we are following most of the recommendations. PB said document to be finalized with any gaps identified.
  9. #2110 - VA is focusing on security around MySQL then fire separate stories for other DB types used in Mojaloop. MDB updated that Kafka and MySQL are most important databases and that separate data stores are used for existing components. VA - checks to be aligned with documented baselines.
  10. #2074 - No update from TD but story is in progress.
  11. #2118 - AB - IAM story is in progress at high level. AB focusing on demo first.
  12. #2125 - GK to reach to SO to identify best way forward on documentation.
  13. #2130 - Special request to review GDPR. GK to review previous findings and involve Michael to link output with RFM
  14. #2133 - GK Attended Business Process Support meeting and will follow up with Kim on scope and action points. PB is concerned we are overloading Architecture workstream and scope may need to be refined.

Meeting ended at 13.00

Meeting Minutes

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