Mowali Update Session

Wednesday 22nd July 2020
11:00 AM UTC

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Two points on the excellent Mowali presentation - the proposed extensions to settlement have been designed with Mowali in mind, and I’d be happy to attend a meeting with the Mowali team to check that that really is the case.

On two-leg transfers, we think that this can be solved by moving to a two transfers, one transaction model. This will support a situation where either all the legs of a transaction are rolled back or none of them are, and will align with our expected roadmap to supporting cross-network transactions. Again, I’d be very happy to talk with Mowali about this.

Great progress indeed and well done Mowali team. Please feel free to reach to our security workstream via me for deep dive session on the challenges you’re facing there and explore OSS solution options available.

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Hi All,

I had a conversation today with a company that wants to plug into the Mowali system. Is there a time frame when the Mowali team will be open to further discussions with other operators and financial players?

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