Mojaloop Training Program - Q1 2021

Tuesday January 26, 2021
11:20 AM UTC

Session Leads: Paul Baker (@PaulBaker), Jane Stroucken (@JaneS), Simeon Oriko (@Simeon)

Session Description: An overview of the Mojaloop Foundations’s Mojaloop Training Program

Session Slides

Session Recording

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This is looking amazing - nice Paul and Jane! I really hope that all of the community really starts pushing new community members towards that as a first step if they are interested to get involved - and contribute.

Is there a mechanism for providing feedback?

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Hi Steve,
Yes there is a feedback survey that can be filled in that is linked to each course.

Thanks Paul - I’m really excited to get started :slight_smile:

Hi Team,

A good start indeed, well done on this achievement. I have reviewed the entire 104 today, and how can I provide you with feedback on it?

Let me know, and I am happy to contribute to refine this course further.



Hi Godfrey, Thanks for participating! there is a feedback survey that can be completed linked to the course as you finish. We look forward to your input

Hi @JaneS the feedback survey button doesn’t respond not sure if it is just me and anyone else experience the same problem. happy to do a zoom call to show the problem.



Hi @GodfreyKutumela , ![Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 16.18.52|690x353](

) you should be able to go to the Feedback survey and then select to answer the questions and there is a free text box at the end of the questions for further feedback as well - as in the screenshots

Oh I see let me try that and let you know

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Noop still not working.

Hi @GodfreyKutumela please check now it should work

It has now worked, thanks @JaneS and I have sent through my comments.

Awesome - thanks @GodfreyKutumela